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Brief introduction to the products


Brief introduction to the products

S11型三相油浸密封式配電變壓器,具有節能環保、工藝先進、結構新穎、外形美觀等特點,可作為原“S9”型變壓器的更新換代產品,適用于10 kV級或20 kV級50Hz的配電系統。

S11 Three Phase Oil Immersed Sealed Distribution Transformer has the features of saving energy and protecting environment, advanced technology, novel structure, beautiful appearance and so on. It is the upgraded product as the original type “S9” transformer which is suitable for 10kV class or 20kV class 50Hz distribution system.

Product Structure






Iron core: it chooses the high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets and multi groups entire ramp lap joints, banding structure. It effectively improved the distribution of the magnetic flux density within the iron core, and it met the requirements of low loss, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection of the transformer.

Winding: it chooses the high quality non-oxygen copper materials/ high strength enamelled wire (or paper-covered wire) winding and multilayer cylinder structure, even distributing ampere turns and reasonable insulation structure. High and low voltage windings can adopt the union winding, so the efficiency is high with the coil compaction. And by optimizing and cooling, heat dissipation/ temperature rise design, turn on the winding line for banding, clamping, and by the end of the winding wood laminate compaction, in order to enhance mechanical strength and short-circuit winding capacity, to ensure safe and reliable operation of the transformer.

Body: it adopts the structure of suspended core free and spacing around the body and hanging board, so that it solved the problem of body hanging in the air and the body can’t displace, at the same time, it avoided the bad impact to the product’s quality of the bumps on the transportation; The fastener using in the body adopts the locknut which can guarantee it wont get loose on the long distance transportation. Therefore, the new product is no need for inspection before putting into operation.

Tank: to choose the structure of corrugated tank or radiator expansion tank, maintenance-free, non-leaking, small size, good heat dissipation, novel structure, while canceling the oil storage tank and the moisture absorber, the changing of oil volume is regulating by the corrugated tank plates or the flexibility of radiator expansion tank. As the temperature is raised/ reduced, the increase or decrease in the transformer insulation oil is expansion or contraction, at the same time, it separates the transformer inside with the air, the transformer insulating oil does not touch with the oxygen and water, so that it will reduce the aging speed of insulating oil and paper materials to extend the using life of the product. Besides this, the seal of the tank adopts the oil proof silica gel seal parts, it is resistant to aging and crack, so that it can be used for many years without replacement. However, the operation and maintenance of the new product is simple, it is saving the cost of maintenance of power for the customers.

Surface treatment and coatings: the spare parts and tank surface are spray painting by three anti-paints (anti-damp, anti-rot, anti-salt fog) after phosphating, to meet a variety of use of the environment and to ensure that the coating surface treatment does not fall off, no rust, the color is fresh, bright, beautiful appearance.

Product Structure


ordering Information


1. 型號規格

2. 額定容量

3. 相數

4. 頻率

5. 電壓組合/分接范圍

6. 聯結組標號

7. 短路阻抗

8. 油箱結構/冷卻方式

9. 其它特殊要求/使用條件

In order to serve you better, please offer the following parameters when you are choosing our products.

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8. Tank Structure/ Cooling Model     

9. Other Special Requests/ Conditions of Use